Fatty Amines Market – Manufacturers with Its Application, Forecast by 2025

Global Fatty Amines Market: Snapshot

The global market for fatty amines, the nitrogen-based derivatives of olefins or fatty acids is treading along a steady growth path and is expected to witness an upward growth trajectory over the next few years as well. Vast set of applications across a number of industries, including an important role in the production of a variety of cosmetic formulations are expected to help the market gain significant traction in the near future.

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Demand from the thriving cosmetic industry will play a key role in the overall development of the global fatty amines market as will the constant focus of companies in the market on finding new applications for their products. The rising demand for increasing the yield of agricultural products to sustain the needs of the mounting global population is also serving well towards the development of the global fatty amines market as fatty amines are used as ingredients in the production of a number of agro-chemicals.

Owing to the vast growth opportunities, the market has witnessed a vast rise in the number of companies serving domestic, regional, and international consumers. The rising number of companies in the market has significantly increased the level of competitiveness and will lead to more focus on R&D activities, the development of improved product varieties, and cost-based competition. This report on the global fatty amines market presents a thorough overview of the present scope of growth and future prospects of the market and its segments.

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Fatty amines can be defined as the nitrogen based derivatives of fatty acids or olefins and are derived from the raw materials such as fats, oils, petrochemicals, and other similar raw materials. They consist of either a mix of carbon chains or single chain with the carbon number ranging from 8 to 22. Commercially important members of fatty amines include oleylamine, soya amine, tallow amine, and coco amine. The various application of fatty amine in numerous end user industries are solely dependent on its cationic nature.

Key players operating in the market for fatty amines include Kao Corporation, AkzoNobel N.V., Clariant AG, Evonik Industries AG, Lonza, Volant-Chem Group, and Arkema Inc.

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